Signature Massage
A custom massage designed to meet each individual's unique needs.  Continuation of light pressure to stimulate circulation and intense concentrated deep pressure for more specific problem areas.
30 Min: $55 | 60 Min: $85 | 90 Min: $120

(If you are in need of a full body deep tissue massage, there will be a $15 upcharge)

Hot Stone Massage
A combination of massage and heated stones that are placed over pressure points to penetrate the muscles that allow for a deep relaxation.
90 Min: $135

Pre-Natal Massage
The new physical journey your body is experiencing can be uncomfortable. This massage will aid in the relaxing of you and your baby’s mind and body.
60 Min: $85

Neuromuscular/Trigger Point Massage
Application of direct pressure on trigger points, which are irritated areas in the muscle. This will break the cycle of spasms and pain.
30 Min: $45 | 60 Min: $85  | 90 Min: $125

Body Scrubs
Indulge in velvety luxury. Our custom blended sugar crystal body scrubs will polish and smooth your skin to perfection. Followed by a heavenly rinse which surrounds your body in jets and a rainfall shower head that leaves you in a hypnotic state of ecstasy. The scrub is finished with a hydrating shea butter that is gently massaged all over your body, leaving you completely relaxed and your skin the texture of the most creamy velvet you could possibly imagine.  
60 Min: $95

  • Add a body scrub to any massage for an additional $65
8507 Ferguson Avenue
Savannah (Sandfly), Georgia